Jazzfonický Orchestr – Jazzfonický Orchestr LP

Here Comes My Ball And Chain 2:20
How Can You Face Me 3:20
Mississippi Mud 2:48
I Used To Love You (But It's All Over) 3:18
Old Fashioned Love 3:16
Keeping Out Of Mischief Now 3:13
Thief In The Night 3:07
Limehouse Blues 2:03
I´ve Got My Fingers Crossed 3:09
Sweet And Slow 3:18
Sweet Man 2:29
Numb Fumblin´ 2:48
Why Do I Lie To Myself About You? 2:36
Thou Swell 2:44
There´ll Be Some Changes Made 1:56

Чешское традиционное джазовое комбо. Образовано в середине 1970-х Ладиславом Герендашем как “Джазфоницкий квинтет”.

Поиск по алфавиту: J

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